Our rates for students is £7 / 1000 words. We offer a discount over 15.000 words. For more details please contact

You can easily calculate the price as we charge by word not by hour.

Typical cost as follows:

  • Essay, Assignment (2000 words) = £14
  • Dissertation (up to 15.000 words , Masters level)= £105
  • Thesis (Doctoral level 70.000 words) = £490

The prices above are very reasonable given how important it is to present your work as carefully and accurately as possible. Also we will give you a definite price after we received your work. If you are happy with the price you just answer back and we process the work for you. The payment details such as PayPal details or Bank Account details will be send you afterwards. Please note we cannot accept Western Union payment.

Please Note: In case the customer is abroad e.g. Thailand can contact us for paying in Thai Baht currency.

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