Our Service

Academic Proofreading Service

Our service include:

  • Proofreading
  • Grammar checking
  • All literary and academic material editing and formatting
  • Repeats reducing
  • To keep the word limit helping
  • If necessary make your style more clear

Submit your work

The best way to submit your work by emailing to proofreading@miledar.com. We strongly advise the booking of your work in advance. In this way, we can guarantee the result in time as agreed. In the email please include your’:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Urged deadline

You can choose how you want correct your work. In most of the cases the proof reader will correct the paper electronically using the ‘track changes’ function in word. If you wish you can get back the original version and the corrected version also. The corrected work will be returned by email. Same day service might be available but please allow at least one day. If you need the corrected work urgently (maybe in a weekend), it is possible but please allow a bit higher fee. After we received your work we will do a word count and based on that let you know about the price. In general it is 7 GBP/1000 words. We guarantee this price even if heavy editing required.

Advance booking is recommended, particularly for dissertations and final year projects, as it is very busy time leading up to the main University deadlines.

Essays, Assignments 2000-3000 words 1-2 working days

Dissertations 15.000 words or more 3-5 days

Ph.D. thesis or other long works 7– 10 days

Discounts are available for documents over 15,000 words – please contact us to arrange a price before sending your work.

PaymentBy submitting your essay for proofreading, you are agreeing to pay the sum of £7 per thousand words or part thereof, by PayPal, cheque or bank transfer (at counter or online banking).


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