About Us

What is Milestone Education Advisor?

Milestone Education Advisor was founded in 2008 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. We provide education advisor services; help and guidance to anyone wanting to study in the UK. We have commitment in providing a high quality independent professional service. In order to do this, we commit to continuous research within colleges and universities in our targeted areas and we also track the increasing number of students every year.

Our offices locate in UK and Thailand at the moment.

We also offer academic proofreading service for students who:

  • Study in Higher Education (eg. Master or PhD level)
  • English is not the mother language
  • Need help writing / proofreading essay, assignment or dissertation.
  • Need perfect English on their final work.


We are also offering guidance about research design for academic papers. Good essay-writing is one of the most important and useful skills you will learn at college or university. Academic achievement doesn’t just about understand and remembering facts; it’s also about communication, and effective communication is quite hard without accurate spelling, good grammar and writing in clear style.

Please note: we can advice in original work only. We do not write papers for you and we not support plagiarism.

Our Team

Our team members are all UK graduates (PhD and Master scholar) and native English speakers from North East England and North America educated at degree level at least. Most are presently working in academic and business environment.

Milestone Education Proofreading is founded and supervised by Dr. June Sumana T. Who got DBA from UK, Post MBA from USA, MBA, and BA Eng..She has lectured at the UK and Thai Universities and has worked directly with international students; train them for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees. She also has supervised research and carries out proofreading for students mainly from China, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Libyan etc. more than 10 years.

Certainly we do quality control procedure in place to guarantee that the customer obtain highest quality service.

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